Four Reasons to Invest in a Quality Business Course

Few things fire the imagination across the world quite like the idea of excelling in business. It marries two basic concepts that are at the core of so many value systems, namely, a respect for hard work and the veneration of excellence. The latter was venerated throughout the ancient world, with thinkers as diverse as Confucius and Aristotle both espousing the virtues of excellence as one of if not the supreme virtue. Of course, as the saying goes, success is just 5% inspiration, and 95% perspiration, even with the best ideas and most excellent of staff, it takes a lot of hard work to get to the top. Leadership is key in that process, which is why the best businesses train their future leaders in leadership courses and other general business courses across Canada.

Five Reasons You May Need Custom Mascot Costume Services

These days, it seems that a lot of organizations are expanding the accepted parameters for political outrage. Harnessing the power of angry special interest groups, these organizations do all they can to spread controversy through mass media. Sadly, a lot of people have received criticism for fielding mascots that are fairly innocuous. Fortunately, it is a fairly simple thing to protect yourself from accusations of insensitivity. If your custom mascot doesn’t match the tenor of the times, you can commission a custom costume to remedy this issue. Custom mascot costumes allow organizations to update their brands to meet the expectations of modern consumers.