7 Reasons to Choose Low-E Glass for Your Next New Windows

The choices of new windows on the market can seem overwhelming. Beyond style, you need to take a close look at the features of the glass that can save you money. Below are seven reasons to seriously consider low-E glass for the next window replacement project.

1. Slightly Higher Cost is Offset By Energy Savings

Low-E glass is slightly higher in price than standard glass and will raise the price of your window costs but the benefits of saving money on heating and cooling help offset this expense. The latest technology of glass coating that provides better insulative qualities from infrared heating, making your windows a more environmentally friendly product that pays for itself.

2. Low-E Glass Can Be Used for Any Window

Low-E glass can be used in any type of window, whether you want bay, panoramic, or standard square pane. You can have the same high-quality protective glass built into every window of your home.

3. Bounces Off UV Rays

Low-E glass is coated with small layers of metallic oxides. It serves to reflect much of the UV rays that are sent from the sun the earth. UV rays are responsible for premature aging and breakdown of your furnishings, carpeting, wood floors, paneling, and more. You can avoid having to replace items due to sun fade of the color or other damage.

4. Saves Heating and Cooling Costs

Being able to control and divert some of the UV ray and infrared away from the windows will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The thermal insulating power of your windows is maximized. Lower energy costs are seen right away in reduced heating and cooling bills.

5. Earn a Tax Credit

Some areas allow tax credits for using Low-E thermal insulating windows. It’s a perk offered to individuals that are doing little things to help the environment and cut energy use. Find out if your new windows qualify for tax credits.

6. Reduce the Potential for Water Condensation

Water condensation happens when the temperature of the glass is markedly warmer or cooler than the air around. Low-E coating acts as an insulation material and keeps condensation from happening. You will notice far fewer incidences of window fogging or frost, even when the winter temperatures plummet.

7. Retain Maximum Amounts of Natural Lighting

The only way to really protect your home interior from overheating or getting UV damage was to keep it closed up like a cave with heavy drapes on the windows. Low-E glass allows you to open every area of your home up to natural lighting. You’ll feel better and use less lighting resources that burn energy.

Choose new windows with Low-E glass that provide the contemporary style you want and the UV protection your home needs.