5 Food Issues You Might Experience Without Leak Detection Equipment

If you are in the food industry, your packaging is part of the product, and aside from its appearance on the shelf, you have to pay attention to its ability to protect the food that’s inside. Leaks can be quite destructive, but are often hard to detect without the right leak detection equipment, and a lack of equipment could result in a number of issues.

1. Leaks in Your Packaging

When leaks are too small to spot, you need some kind of equipment to help you locate them. While many leaks might be anomalies, others may be the result of a flawed packaging process, which could affect all of your products. Without leak detection equipment, you won’t discover these leaks until the products have left the building. Leaks could also affect your distributors who have to deal with cleanups.

2. Your Food Spoils

A leak can eventually lead to a hole, which could result in spills. However, the bigger worry is exposing your food to air, as this means your food could spoil before it even reaches the consumer. If all of your packages have leaks, you might have entire shelves of foods that are no good. There are additional resources available at Flexpak inc if you are interested in learning more.

3. Premature Expiration

If your food is exposed, it’s likely to expire before the printed expiration date. Consumers depend on this date, so if your product repeatedly expires before expected, they might switch to a different company. The right leak detection equipment ensures that your food lasts as long as possible and the expiration dates are accurate.

4. Increased Losses

Whether it’s the loss of physical product through leaks and holes in your packaging or a financial loss due to customers returning products or switching companies, being unaware of leaks could hurt your business in the long run. If your customers notice the leak in the store, they won’t buy your product, so it’s important to catch leaks before your product hits the stores.

5. Ruined Reputation

Leaks in your packaging, spoiled food items, and inaccurate expiration dates could all lead to customers losing faith in your company. Even if you aren’t directly responsible for the leak, customers will associate these issues with your brand, and if left unresolved, this could severely damage your reputation. By making sure you have the proper leak detection processes in place, you can keep your packaging sealed, prevent losses, and maintain customer confidence in your product.